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Ancillary Products – Thermoplastic Road Marking

‘Dedicated products helping you achieve the perfect thermoplastic line marking’

Kestrel supplies a range of quality auxiliary products and equipment to help you get the most from your thermoplastic road markings:

  • Surface Applied Materials – Complete range of drop-on reflective glass beads / ballotini and anti-skid aggregate mixtures - fully compliant with EN 1423.
  • Glass Bead Dispenser – One of the leading hand dispensers on the market, minimises waste and distributes surface applied glass beads uniformly giving optimum results.
  • Primer / Tack Coat – Suited to improving adhesion of thermoplastic products on concrete or badly worn surfaces, this clear sprayable tack coat primer is both convenient and easy to use.
  • Gas Torch – With 2-3 times more heat output than standard burners, our Super Turbo Blow Torch speeds up the drying process and makes application of our PAVETAC and PREFLEX products even faster.
  • Thermoplastic Hand Moulds – A range of purpose made, quality hand moulds are available for application of our Thermoplastic screed road markings or Anti Skid products.
  • Road Marking Stencils – Made to order, heavy use MDF road marking stencils available.