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Anti-Skid & Coloured Surface Treatment Materials

‘Cost-effective, year round solutions for your traffic calming and demarcation needs’ Kestrel’s thermoplastic anti-skid surfacing materials can be an effective aid in the fight against road skidding accidents.

With the added choice of a range of highly visible colours, our high friction surfacing materials are also specially suited for many common coloured surfacing applications - from successful traffic calming schemes such as village gateway entrances to the demarcation of bus lanes, bus boxes, cycle lanes, parking bays and walkways.

As our surfacing materials are all hot applied, the quick setting and versatile nature of Kestrel’s safety surfacing products means minimum disruption to traffic and makes year round application a possibility.

Kestrel’s high friction surface treatment materials are classified under 2 different product categories, according to varying levels of traffic density or application purpose.

THERMOGRIP specifically designed for use in areas of high traffic density where reaching the higher echelons of skid resistance performance is important. In its unpigmented form, THERMOGRIP Buff anti-skid surfacing utilises a premium (calcined?) chinese bauxite aggregate system to dramatically increase the braking efficiency of vehicles. In coloured grades of THERMOGRIP, the use of high PSV coloured aggregates and pigmented binder makes it the preferred choice for many heavy duty traffic calming measures – coloured surfacing for village gateways, bus lanes, bus boxes or creating audible rumble bars on approaching roundabouts.

CYCLEGRIP – With the capability of being mixed in a conventional vertical thermoplastic road marking boiler, this versatile coloured surfacing material offers excellent coverage rates whilst still providing a good level of skid resistance. Suited for areas of light to medium traffic density, CYCLEGRIP can be used in conjunction with PREFLEX Preformed Thermoplastic Symbols to give a complete demarcation solution for cycle lanes, walkways or car park bays.