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Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

‘Complete range of Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials to cover all performance and application requirements’

The manufacture of Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials is the mainstay of Kestrel’s operations.

Principally manufactured to meet the current stringent European Road Marking Standards, Kestrel’s thermoplastic line marking materials can also be formulated to meet other International Standards or for different climatic temperatures. Indeed, a number of individual product approvals are held for a range of countries.

Manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system, the company has developed a range of proven thermoplastic road marking products suitable for all applications and performance requirements.

  • EUROLUX – ‘European Class’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material EUROLUX is a thermoplastic road marking material specifically designed to meet current demanding European Road Marking Standards. Learn more about EUROLUX Thermoplastic Road Marking Material.
  • ULTRALUX – ‘High Visibility’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material ULTRALUX is a high performance road marking designed for superior day and dry night visibility.
  • WETLUX – ‘Wet-Night Visible’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material WETLUX is a high specification, specialist thermoplastic road marking designed for improved Wet Night-Time Visibility.
  • KESTRELRIB – ‘Raised Rib Profiled’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material KESTRELRIB is a thermoplastic line marking material specifically formulated for the creation of road markings which give both an audible and sensory warning when driven over.
  • KESTREL THINSPRAY – 'Super Thin Thermoplastic Spray Road Marking Material'. KESTREL THINSPRAY is a low viscosity, super-thin thermoplastic spray road marking designed for high-speed application under pressure.
  • DURASKID – ‘Hard-Wearing Thermoplastic Road Marking Material DURASKID is an advanced, hard-wearing thermoplastic road marking with high skid resistance properties designed for areas of excess wear due to heavy traffic volume, turning actions or other abrasive forces.
  • COLOURLUX – ‘Colour Specific’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material COLOURLUX is a cost-effective Thermoplastic Road Marking Material that can be formulated in a range of colours.
  • YELLOW TBAR – ‘Transverse Bar’ Thermoplastic Road Marking Material. YELLOW T-BAR is a specialist thermoplastic road marking designed to meet the requirements for Transverse Bar Markings.