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Kestrel Products

Innovative Thermoplastic Products to meet all Road Safety Requirements

Kestrel Thermoplastics Ltd manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of quality assured products for the Road Marking and Traffic Safety Industries.

Purely specialising in Thermoplastic based solutions, our proven portfolio of products includes:

Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

Wide range of thermoplastic road marking products available to cover all performance and application requirements. From high performing materials for roads & highways, profile thermoplastic for traffic calming measures, standard screed markings for car parks / walkways, specialist spray plastic materials for airports / airfields or different coloured markings for playgrounds …Kestrel Thermoplastics is sure to make its mark!

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings, Symbols & Logos

PREFLEX markings offer a quick and easy way to produce any complicated road marking symbol or sign – all in a high quality preformed thermoplastic marking. (Especially ideal for preformed letters, numbers, cycle lane marking logos, disabled bay car park markings, factory floor markings, walkways, educational playground marking, company logos…. the possibilities are endless!)

Anti-Skid & Coloured Surface Treatment Materials

Our THERMOGRIP anti-skid surface treatment materials offer cost-effective solutions for both high friction surfacing applications and traffic calming measures. Coloured surfacing products, designed for varying levels of traffic density are also available for the demarcation of roads, bus lanes, car parks, cycle lanes or footpaths.

Thermoplastic Tactile Paving System

PAVETAC offers a real alternative to the costly, time consuming and disruptive nature of installing concrete tactile paving flags and slabs at pedestrian crossing points – helping the blind and visually impaired cross safely.

Ancillary Products

We offer a range of auxiliary products associated with thermoplastic road marking - surface applied anti-skid aggregates, drop-on glass beads, glass bead dispensers, concrete primer / tack-coat, blowtorches, hand moulds, road marking stencils.