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Tactile Paving Systems

PAVETAC Thermoplastic Tactile Paving System - ‘The smarter alternative to installing tactile blister paving at pedestrian crossings’

With disability legislation requiring local authorities to consider the mobility needs of the blind and visually impaired, the PAVETAC system represents a fresh approach to providing tactile warning surfaces at pedestrian crossing points.

Compared to traditional ‘concrete’ tactile flags, application is faster, easier and more cost-effective as no civil or excavation works required.

Applied directly onto the footpath using a specially formulated ‘hot applied’ adhesive, PAVETAC utilises the durable, yet adaptable nature of Kestrel’s thermoplastic to withstand high levels of pedestrian traffic and form a lasting solution.

Available in highly visible and distinctive colours of Red or Buff, PAVETAC conforms to the dimensional requirements as laid out in the UK Department for Transport’s “Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces”