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PREFLEX Thermoplastic Markings, Symbols & Logos
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Istock 000020343545 Full
Hazlett Primary School
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Carnal Ridge
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‘A flexible solution to your road marking requirements'

Kestrel Thermoplastics is proud to be one of the principle manufactures of Preflex markings in the UK and Ireland. Combining innovative formulations with a focus on progressive, sustainable quality, Kestrel’s Preflex thermoplastic can be tailor made to any specified requirement.

  • Pre-Beaded for skid resistance and reflectivity
  • Simple application
  • Fast drying time
  • Minimal equipment needed
  • High spec cutting techniques
  • Long lasting
  • Lead free- environmentally friendly
Product Enquiry +44 (0)28 2954 0906
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Typical Preflex Applications
Road Markings

Produce with ease clearly defined lines, digits, arrows, cycle lane symbols, disabled logos, factory floor markings and many more.


Kestrel can meet any requirement when it comes to bespoke preformed logos. Our innovative cutting technique allows us to produce high spec, intricate designs and logos for a wide range of uses.


Brighten up playgrounds with fun and educational games such as hopscotch, snakes & ladders, compass clocks, cycle proficiency tracks and many more.

tack spray
Kestrel Tack Coat Adhesive
Standard Gas Torch
Glass Bead Applicator
Quickline Preformed Line Markings
Quickband Overbanding Tape
Premium Gas Torch
Jetpack 600
'Kestrel's Preflex thermoplastic cutting service can meet any specific customer requirement and provides an ideal solution for a wide range of bespoke applications'
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