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‘Offering the complete family of Thermoplastic Road Marking and Safety Surfacing Materials’
MultiDotLine Extruder
'Continuous research & development and ongoing technical support'

At Kestrel we promote a philosophy of continuous research, development of products and ongoing technical support. This keeps us at the forefront in the advancement of new, safer and improved products.

All our products are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 45001 Quality System accepted by the British Standards Institute and certified to European and International Standards.

Renowned for an exemplary level of service, we are committed to working closely with all our customers to achieve the high standards of performance that are increasingly specified.

“We, at Kestrel Thermoplastics, are proud of our achievements and will continue to provide our customers with products that deliver continuous safety , performance and innovation”.

'Supplying thermoplastic products widely recognised for their Durability, Safety and Performance'

In 1987, after several years experience as a road marking contractor, Kestrel Thermoplastics Ltd was formed and grew rapidly to become what is now one of the world’s specialist suppliers of Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials.

Operating from its manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland and Sales Office in England, the company has built up a solid customer base consisting of road lining contractors, roads departments, local authorities and overseas agents in both the domestic and international arena.

Kestrel’s strength and expertise comes from a strong emphasis on R & D aligned with performance and innovation. As a result of this focus, we enjoy an enviable reputation for manufacturing thermoplastic and highway industry products that are widely recognised for their durability, safety and performance.

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