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'A durable and dynamic solution to Anti-Skid patch repair, pedestrian anti-slip areas and small-scale surfacing schemes'
High Friction Sheets

KESTREL HIGH FRICTION SHEETS offer a quick and flexible solution to the repair of anti- skid surfacing. As an all in one system, each preformed sheet has a pre-embedded aggregate coating and simply requires gas torch heating for successful adhesion. Individual sheets can be easily cut to meet specific patch requirements. Alternatively, several sheets can be adjoined and heated together to cover large surface areas. As a thermoplastic based preform product, this anti-skid system can be applied and the substrate returned to service within minutes.

  • Quicker operational procedure than current resinous
    Anti-Skid patch repair
  • Cut to any required length and shape
  • Minimal equipment required for installation
  • Quick application and quick drying
  • Ergonomically efficient- All in one system provided in a single box
  • Pre-embedded, 60+ SRV aggregate coating
  • 0.6 m2 per sheet (3m2 per box)
  • Available in: Buff, Red, Green, Blue, Dark Grey
Colour Description
Dark Grey
*Colours and references shown are approximate only.

Scope of Use– Anti-Skid Patch Repair/ Coloured Demarcation Bays (disabled bays and E-car bays)/ Bus Stops/ Pedestrian Walkways/ Cycle Routes/ Manhole Covers 

High Friction Strips

Recommended for accentuating the visibility and slip resistance of step edges, access ramps and walkways.

Scope of Use– Step and Stair Edges/ Pedestrian Walkways/ Door Entrances/ Access Ramps

'High performing anti-skid repair and surfacing solution requiring minimal equipment and applied in minutes.
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