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'Cost Effective, Year Round Solutions
For Your Demarcation Needs'
'Our High Friction Surfacing treatments are hot applied and quick drying, resulting in minimum disruption to traffic and making year round application a possibility'

Kestrel’s Anti- Skid systems can be applied in conjunction with PREFLEX Preformed Thermoplastic Symbols to achieve a complete demarcation solution for cycle lanes, walkways or car park bays.


Kestrelgrip Type 1 Hot

BBA approved ‘Kestrel Grip Type 1 Hot is our principle High Friction Surfacing system and comes in standard Buff, Dark Grey, Red and Black. Type 1 Hot is designed specifically for locations where an optimum skid resistance system is necessitated. Chinese bauxite aggregate is used for maximum strength and resistance performance.

  • Standard BUFF 
  • Standard GREY
  • Standard RED
  • Standard BLACK 

Main Uses– Traffic Calming Safety Schemes/ Roundabout lane Approaches and Exits/ Audible Rumble Strips/ Crossing Approaches

Kestrelgrip Red/Green

Suited for areas of light to medium traffic density, Kestrelgrip Red/Green combines high PSV coloured aggregates and pigmented binder.

With the capability of being mixed in a conventional vertical thermoplastic road marking boiler, this versatile coloured surfacing material offers excellent coverage rates whilst still providing an effective level of skid resistance.

  • Kestrelgrip Red      
  • Kestrelgrip Green 

Main Uses– Cycle lanes/ Car parks/ Ramps & Steps/ Bus lanes/ Pedestrian walkways/ Village Gateways

'Premium quality surface solutions designed
to achieve optimum skid and braking distances'
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