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‘Complete range of Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials to cover all performance and application requirements’
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The manufacture of Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials is the mainstay of Kestrel’s operations.

Principally manufactured to meet the current stringent European Road Marking Standards, Kestrel’s thermoplastic line marking materials can also be formulated to meet a range of international standards and climatic conditions. Indeed, a number of individual product approvals are held for a range of countries.

Manufactured under the BSI Kitemark and certified to an integrated management system BS EN ISO  9001, 14001 and OHSAS 45001, Kestrel has developed a wide range of proven thermoplastic road marking products suitable for all applications and performance requirements.

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Product Range

KestrelTherm is a cost-effective Non-Reflective Thermoplastic Road Marking Material available in standard White and Yellow Grades. Other colours however, can be manufactured to order upon request. Available for both Screed and Extrusion application, KestrelTherm is an ideal marking material for off road applications such as car parks, factory markings, forecourts and playgrounds.

BPF A29 Keady and Armagh and Portadown 029

Kestrelux is a Standard Reflective Thermoplastic available for Screed, Extrusion, Spray and Profile applications. Specially formulated to meet stringent European Road Marking Standards, Kestrelux is ideal for a wide range of delineation and public highway marking schemes. Available in White and Yellow grades.


Eurolux– ‘European Class’ and ‘high performance’ formula, specifically designed for additional Retroreflectivity, Luminance and Skid Resistance to meet current demanding European Road Marking Standards. Available for Screed, Extrusion, Spray and Profile applications, Eurolux is suitable for all kinds of delineation and public highway marking applications.


Ultralux is a ‘Premium Grade’ Thermoplastic, utilising the highest quality of pigments and glass beads to produce ENHANCED WET NIGHT VISIBILITY. Recommended for schemes where high visibility and high reflectivity is necessitated, Ultralux is available in White and Yellow grades and can be used for  Screed, Extrusion, Spray and Profile application methods.

Rome A24 Eurolux Spray 141

KESTREL THINSPRAY – ‘Super Thin Thermoplastic Spray Road Marking Material’. KESTREL THINSPRAY is a low viscosity, super-thin thermoplastic spray road marking designed for high-speed application.


Kestrel Eurodot is recommended for greater WET-NIGHT visibility. Using a multi-dot application system Eurodot achieves superior drainage when compared with standard thermoplastic markings. Developed for Structured Type II markings. Available in White and Yellow grades.

Highway Markings RAINLINE TRIALS 26th July 2011 035

Kestrel Rainline has been specially formulated for enhanced reflectivity and skid resistance during poor weather conditions. Designed for excellent WET NIGHT VISIBILITY, Rainline can be produced in accordance with specific customer requirements and offers an alternative to standard thermoplastic material when  necessitated by specific road conditions. Available in White and Yellow grades.

Anti skid

‘KESTRELGRIP TYPE 1 HOT’ is a high performance, BBA approved Anti Skid application offering optimum resistance, available in standard Buff and Grey aggregates.

KESTRELGRIP RED/GREEN offers an alternative to TYPE 1 HOT and is suited for areas of light to medium traffic density.

‘Substantial investment in R&D, allied with a rigorous quality control regime ensures Kestrel consistently provide materials with excellent performance and safety attributes’

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